April 5, 2011

Welcome Home & Conference Weekend

I got home from Hawaii just in time for this "Welcome Back to Utah!" snowstorm. Luckily the sun melted things out by the end of the day so my climate shock didn't last too long.

One of my favorite conference traditions is to do a puzzle (did you catch the referrence to puzzles during the Sunday morning session?) I got this one from DI for a buck the day before and will be returning it to DI on my next donation run - it was fun to do once, but there was too much green.

On Sunday night we had Liz (Dave's sister) and Nat (my sister) over for dinner - luckily the puzzle was finished! In my family we name meals after the person we get the recipe from. This was my first attempt at making "Susan Chicken" (the recipe is from my Aunt Susan) - a really good sweet and sour chicken dish. I would have made a salad or something to go with this, but I don't think my little table could hold any thing else, and more sides mean more dishes and our sink was already overflowing :)

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