April 7, 2011

May the Best Howe Win

First of all, as of today there are only 8 days left to do taxes, not 10, so if you've been procrastinating like us then you better get on it!

The other night we thought it would be fun to do something different than our normal routine so Dave and I decided to have a tournament of games to determine who would do a few household chores. Luck was not on my side.

As the loser of Guess Who Marvel Edition, Golf (a card game), and Treasure Quest I had to clean out the fridge, do the dishes, and make toast.

As the loser of Racko Dave had to empty the dish drainer, but then enjoyed his victory snack that I so lovingly made. Hooray for Dave. He may have been the best Howe that night, but I sense a rematch in the near future and a hopefully a new victor will emerge!

1 comment:

The Palmers said...

oh that's hilarious. james would for SURE make the "make toast" one into "make chocolate chip cookies" (except i guess it has to be something you both CAN do...) =)