April 17, 2011

First Shot at Frisbee Golf

On Friday we went to a local park to play frisbee golf. Dave had played before, but it was my first time.

Dave making an easy putt

Things got a little more interesting after the third hole. We rounded the corner to the tee box for hole four and found.... nothing! Apparently that part of the park has been demolished and no longer exists, taking with it holes 4-12.

I suppose it's all right our day was cut short because I was spending most of my time in the trees anyway. I just can't seem to make the frisbee fly straight and go in the direction I want - I can do one or the other, but not both. Better luck next time!


timandcindyhowe said...

The park was just gone! That's hilarious...and it's my kind of frisbee golf. I'm always ready to go around hole 6 anyway :)

Heather Curtis said...

we have a frisbee golf course right next to our house with all the holes if you ever want more practice :)