April 3, 2011

Family Trip to Maui

In March Dave and I took separate vacations - Dave went home to Texas for Don's wedding, and I went to Maui with my family. We would have LOVED to make both of these trips together, but due to work and school it just didn't work out.

This trip was the epitome of relaxation - every day we would wake up, eat, go to the snorkel beach, come home to hot tub, eat, go to the sandy beach, hot tub, eat, go to the wave beach, hot tub, eat, play games, watch a movie, sleep, and then repeat. It was awesome.

Dave's absence was filled by my niece Anne. I always swore I'd never want to have a baby at the beach, but she did awesome and it was fun to have her along. And even when she was a little cranky, how could you ever get upset with someone so cute??

My awesome brother Derek doing his best tiki man impression

  Riding the waves - Nat didn't quite make this one (she was on the purple board)

In the banyan tree in Lahaina

The girls in the hot tub

The palm tree trimmers outside our condo - not a job I'd want!

At the free hula show we discovered while shopping for groceries

Love you family!


Amy said...

It sure was a fun trip! I'm not sure it was quite as relaxing as usual:) But...much more relaxing than being at home! I'll come over tomorrow or tuesday to get pictures and give you mine

Heather Curtis said...

That looks like a blast! Your family is vacation crazy in their older years- mine did that so long ago when I was young and we haven't done a big vacation together in quite some time. And the kids do make things more complicated- I'm glad Anne did well- she is super cute. Oh, and this is a little random, but is Nat dating anyone? I have someone to set her up with :)