April 15, 2011

10 Serving 8

Typically our evenings are spent at home on the couch either watching TV or playing games with each other - fun, but not necessarily the best use of our time or the best thing for our physiques. Now that the weather is warming up, our goal is to live a more active lifestyle and yesterday's activity was racquetball.

Dave and I used to play on BYU's courts all the time while we were dating. It was fun, and more importantly it's free :) Then for some reason we stopped... until yesterday when we thought, "We love racquetball! Let's go play!"

My game somehow improved during our racquetball hiatus because I was able to beat Dave 2 out of 3 games! I suppose it is possible that he got worse instead of me getting better, but I like the first theory better.

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AmyH said...

We'll have to line up a sitter and we can play doubles!