March 6, 2011

BYU's Final Home Game

Yesterday was BYU's final game of the season - our last chance to watch Jimmer play in person.

The first game we went to this years was against Utah State. We showed up 15 minutes late, parked across the street from the Marriott Center, grab a bench to ourselves, and have no one sit in front of us. It was a great game, competitive til the end and the Cougars came out on top.

Boy how things change!! By the end of the season, Jimmer-mania had swelled to epic proportions and if you weren't there an hour early, you were going to have to watch the game on television. If you wanted a decent seat, I guess you needed to be two hours early because we were squished in at the very top.

I saw this at Walmart and was glad that someone else took a picture because when I went back with my camera it had been taken down. Just one example of how great it is to live in Provo right now and watch our college town transform into Jimmerland! Hoop it up 32!!

** Picture is not mine and was borrowed from CougarBoard here.

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