February 10, 2011

Tribute 3

The contents of this post have been on my mind for the past week, but I didn't know quite how to put what I have been thinking into words. But since Tribute and Tribute 2 have now been written, I guess now it's my turn. Without further procrastination, here is "Tribute 3":

On Saturday, January 29th, we got word that Dave's oldest brother, Bill, had passed away. His passing was completely unexpected and the kind of news that no one is prepared to receive.  How could this happen? What do we do now? We went and got Liz, the only other Howe here in Utah and spent the day together, while the rest of the family gathered at home in Texas.

We went through the day in shock and then when the night came, so did the overwhelming sadness. It was one of those nights where you sleep with the Kleenex box between your pillows and then throw the used tissues over the side of the bed onto the floor because you just don't care.

But a few days later we were able to fly back to Texas to be with family. How thankful we are for understanding professors and employers who made it so easy for us to just get up and leave right in the middle of the week. And how thankful we were to make it there without any delays to our trip - crazy, crazy weather down there!

Snow in Plano the day of the service

Although we wished we were there for a different reason, it was a great trip.  It was so good to see family that we hadn't been able to see over Christmas. So good to cry and laugh about all the good memories we had of Bill. So good to be reminded over and over again of blessed we were to have known such a generous, funny guy that loved his family and friends above all else. It was a chance to receive confirmation that Bill was gone from his body and gone from this world, but also a reminder that he is not gone, that families are eternal and we will see him again.

One night Dave mentioned how sad and strange it was that our kids would never know Bill. I agreed. And I'm not sure exactly how it all works on the other side, but I hope that now that Bill is done with his time on earth, he might have some time to spend with our kids before they start journey here. Because Bill truly was a fabulous uncle - the best a kid could ask for.

We'll miss you Bill.

The Howe Family, February 2011


Bushland said...

Hi Melanie,
I've had two older brothers die, the last being my brother Dave, who died very unexpectedly 5 years ago.
In an email to my Dad just before I read your blog, I was sharing with him the sweet experience I had on Saturday while attending the birth of my new grandson, Tristan. From my email "I really felt Dave’s presence at Tristan’s birth, even before the Somewhere Over the Rainbow song came on. It was as if Dave was giving Tristan a send off and letting him know what a great family he was coming to. Tristan came from the arms of Dave into his parent’s arms. I know Aaron has always felt a close connection with David." Somewhere Over the Rainbow by the Hawaiian singer IZ was played at my brother's funeral. It was also the song on Aaron and Chloe's playlist that was randomly played just as Tristan was born. I posted about it on FB today.
Just know that we continue to be family in every sense of the word even after someone has died. Watch for the tender mercies, they will present themeselves. I'm so sorry to hear about Dave's brother. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Laurie Bush

Heather Curtis said...

I am so sorry to hear that!! I can't even fathom what that would be like. You both will be in my prayers. We need to get together soon and chat. It has been too long.

Not sure said...

I'm sad to hear this news. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.