February 17, 2011

Skiing with the Fam (minus Nat who was sick)

This weekend my family came down to Utah for a ski trip. My mom watched baby Anne while Amy, Dad, Derek, Dave, and I spent two days on the slopes at Snowbird. There hadn't been any new snow for a few days, but the weather absolutely gorgeous - sun out and blue, blue skies!

Action shot of me; There are no action shots of Dave because he is not patient enough to wait for a photographer to ski to the bottom and get the camera out :)

Hiking Mt. Baldy - here we took our skis off and hiked up part of the mountain to reach terrain not accessible from the chair lifts. Quite an adventure, but it really wore me out!

On the hike up Mt. Baldy you pass this sign. Note the last warning - it comes in to play later

After the hike you had to ski across the mountain to get to the good snow. Somewhere along this traverse we lost Dave. Here I am at the end of the traverse ready to go down.

>>Short Story Break<<
After skiing down the softest snow of the day, we paused to watch a few skiers jump off some nearby cliffs. Then to my horror, I realized that the guy on the next cliff over was Dave. Dave's cliff was narrow, steep, and I could see no easy, medium, or hard way down. So he took of his board, choose what looked like the least rocky/treey path down and prepared himself for a slide. If I hadn't been so worried about the outcome of said slide, I would have taken a video. So you'll just have to imagine an orange blob tumbling off a cliff at great speed with a snowboard careening close behind. Luckily both the board and the boy came out of it with minimal damage - phew!

On the Cirque, looking for the least scary way to drop into Great Scott

Amy taking a break while we wait for the lost brother to show up
No trip to Snowbird is complete without a couple passes through Mini Miners Camp - sort of a snow roller coaster through the trees, complete with wood cut outs of a general store, train station, old men with pick axes, and a graveyard. It's designed for small children with short skis, but we still enjoy it as big kids.
On the chair with my cliff diver - thanks for taking up this crazy sport! I love doing this with you!

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