February 13, 2011

A Passionate Sixth Grade Boy Speaks to His Love

On our most recent trip back to Texas, Dave's mom brought out boxes of old school work that she had saved for each of her kids. It was hilarious to look the at grade reports (Dave rocked at kindergarten), the artwork, and read through stories they had written.

In Dave's box we found these two gems, and since Valentine's day is just around the corner I thought I'd share:


We googled the first line and found that the assignment must have been to write a poem based off The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, but I personally like this version better.  I still can't decide what my favorite part is - the hike/bike date, the famous picture of a dove, playing in a meadow, or the 20 lb bag of gummi bears. What a funny kid, and what lucky girl I am that he's mine :)


AmyH said...

Wow- he's quite the poet prodigy:)

Heather Curtis said...

I especially liked that he would do the homework so you would not be bogged. I laughed so hard!!! That is priceless! I certainly cannot picture a sixth grade boy writing all those romantic and lovey dovey things, but it is awesome!

You are lucky Mel,
you have a husband that treats you swell!

Although I know you got the diamond ring,
But what about the gold band, earrings, diamond slippers, and all that other bling?

I guess after all these years he's learned about true love,
The deepest kind of service, commitment, and oneness- not just a picture of a dove...

timandcindyhowe said...

Happy Valentines Day you two love doves. Have fun tonight being groomed in the meadow while Dave serenades you. Priceless!

Alyssa H said...

Does Dave do your homework?

Did he buy you a big house? Did he give you a picture of a dove?? What about the earrings? 10 karat gold? : D