February 19, 2011

Life without TV

A couple weeks ago our TV starting acting strange. It would randomly turn off, and then turn back on a few seconds later - not desirable, but we could live with it. Then it started happening every 30 seconds. Now we were beyond our tolerance limit and decided to call a repair man.

They came and replaced a part, after which our TV worked for one day and then died; Nothing but black screen.

It took us a week to get a repair guy back to our house (scheduling is a beast when you're both gone all day). After messing with the TV for a few minutes, our repair guy determined that it needed to be taken back to the shop for further investigation.

And so we have been without for almost two weeks now - a real hardship, I know. I don't think I realized how much the TV was on until it wasn't:

No Wii
No movies from our collection
No movies from Redbox
No MoTab Sunday morning
No Planet Earth Sunday evening
No TLC while I iron
No Brady Bunch while I make dinner
No Law & Order re-runs while we eat dinner
No Bones on Thursdays
No Fringe on Fridays
No Food Network at night
No sports - which prompted us to buy tickets from a scalper to the BYU vs Utah game since they stopped taking All sports passes and we had no TV to watch from home

Instead we have been playing games, getting ahead with homework, cleaning out the house, organizing photos, reading, listening to music, going to bed on time, or even EARLY.

So it hasn't been all that bad. But I will be glad when it comes back :)

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Heather Curtis said...

I have been absolutely shocked at how often our TV has been on lately. It seems that the Disney channel is on far too frequently to distract the kids while they are eating breakfast and lunch and during bottles. Maybe we need our TV to die so that we can make some better habits in our lives... but even as I write that I shudder because I have become dependent on it in so many ways. But good for you. :)