February 24, 2011


The last of the Lamberts, my brother Derek, will be starting college this year and yesterday he got his acceptance email to BYU. Hooray! 

Four siblings attending BYU is great, but even more impressive are the 22 grandkids in a row from my mom's side that have all gone to BYU. Derek will contintue the tradition as number 23. Way to keep the legacy alive!

One more reason to rise and shout? The four Lamberts will all be living in Provo next school year. Fun times ahead!!
  • Derek - Freshman
  • Natalie - Junior
  • Amy - Graduated, but supporting husband and second year law student Jeremy
  • Melanie - Graduated, but supporting husband and second year MBA student Dave


AmyH said...

Hooray! I think we'll be seeing a lot of mom:)

like the new header!

timandcindyhowe said...

Wow, that is amazing! Who started this trend? That is a lot of pressure on Derek, but congrats on getting accepted.