January 26, 2011

They Got Jimmered!!


Awesome game - match up between two top 10 teams, Jimmer scored 40+, the game was close almost the whole way, but we came out on top!

Was it worth it to have to be there way early and hang out on our bench for a couple hours before the game? Yes! (The student section was packed and we were sitting way at the top)

Best game BYU game we'll ever get to attend? Probably - Go Cougars!!



AmyH said...

Fun!! Mom texted me score reports. Not quite the same experience...

Jane Anne said...

Cute picture! I was so jealous. I had to watch it online :)

Heather Curtis said...

IT WAS AWESOME! I just watched it at home but we were going crazy! That is so fun that you got to be there! Go BYU Cougars!
PS. Jimmer is beyond amazing.