January 16, 2011

Return to the 'Bird

When we moved back to Provo for MBA school there were several things in Washington we were sad to leave behind, but also some "Utah" things we were excited to return to - family, the dollar theater, BYU, intramurals, cheap apartments, and Snowbird - our favorite ski resort!

No room on the bench - but Dave was able to pick out a comfy little spot of concrete to call his own while waiting for the tram

Nat and I at the top of Hidden Peak, and we were lucky to get this picture! It was actually only sunny and clear for one run; The rest of the day the mountain tops were covered in fog and you could barely see a thing.

Dave at the top of the tram with ALL skiers. He has put a lot of work into learning to snowboard over the past few years and it has really paid off. With just a few exceptions, Dave can now follow me down any run on the mountain - this probably is one of our favorite things to do together!


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