December 14, 2010

Leading Separate Lives...

Apparently Dave and I have separated. We suspected that something wasn't quite right for awhile now, but things did not fall into place until tonight when my "fake" visiting teachers stopped by and were surprised that I had a husband.

According to our church records we exist as single people in two different wards that are part of two different stakes. Dave is a member of the Rivergrove 1st Ward with no wife (our "real" ward) and I am listed with no spouse in the North Park 2nd Ward (the "fake" ward). I am also in the directory under my maiden name instead of "Howe". We each have our own set of home teachers, but neither of us have a calling. It's all been very confusing.

I guess we have some things to straighten out when we have tithing settlement at our real ward tomorrow!

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Heather Curtis said...

What the heck? I didn't know that could happen. How could you be listed as single? And Sheesh, that first line and a half of your blog entry was pretty intense- if I didn't know better I would have been panicked. I can't wait to see you at Christmas time!