December 28, 2010

Christmas Countdown at the Cabin

We just returned from our first ever Christmas at the cabin. It was an amazing trip full of family, games, and fun in the snow. Here are a few of the highlights:

12 homemade snow cones (actually I probably ate more)

11 adventurers setting out for a snow shoe expedition (not pictured is me as I have the camera)

10 people opening presents on Christmas morning

9 ski runs at Alpental

8 games of cribbage (I lost this game badly to my uncle Brent)

7 minutes to get baby Anne bundled for outside

6 nights spent with family at the cabin

5 sections tall snowman (I made him myself - Dave is just there for perspective!)

4 Lamberts - Dad, Mom, Natalie & Derek

3 Hindmans - Jeremy, Amy & Anne

2 Howes - Dave & Melanie

1 Dog - Jobe



Heather Curtis said...

I can't believe I didn't even so much as talk to you while you were in WA. VERY SAD! But, you were at the cabin almost the entire time I suppose. I'm glad you guys had such an awesome time. Anyway, it was fun waving to you during sacrament meeting at least :) Hopefully I'll see you soon in Utah.

AmyH said...

Love it! Jobe really has become part of the family:)