October 23, 2010

Two Fun Saturdays

Saturday #1: Last week was one of my favorite events at BYU - the annual lost & found sale! This year we went early (like two hours early) to get a good spot in line and it paid off. We weren't able to snag a basketball, but we did have some other great finds including:

Thermal Under Armor top - $2
Burton soft shell jacket - $2
Adidas climalite pullover- $3
3 pairs of sunglasses - $3
Football receiver gloves - $2

With the haul
Saturday #2: Today Dave and I went to the football game with Amy, Jer and Anne. My grandma gave us her tickets for the game which are seats (not bleachers!) right on the 50 yard line. We got super lucky with the weather - it was pouring right before the game and it's pouring now at home as I write this, but at the game it was dry and just right with a blanket. Best part though... BYU won!

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