October 27, 2010

Ready or Not, Here it Comes...

It's here! The first snow of the season. I guess it's time to find our snow scraper, dig coats out of our ski bags and buy some hot chocolate. Oh - and turn on the heat, because when we looked at the thermostat last night it was only 60 degrees in our apartment - brrrr!


I actually do love the snow, but last night wasn't the best time for its arrival... I had a soccer game, which we lost, but played well considering  it was sleeting, our feet felt like rocks, and the other team probably took 25 shots on goal compared to our 4.

It was also the night  I did a load of white laundry and reached into the box of dryer sheets only to find it empty. I decided to throw the clothes in the dryer anyway, and of course it turned into one giant ball of static - mesh bottoms and silk tops will do that.  Since all our neighbors were mysteriously gone and we needed some of those whites to wear the next morning, I went off to the grocery store at 10 pm in the snow in my pajamas. It probably won't be the last time I have to do this, so I guess I probably better find my boots too :)

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