October 5, 2010

MBA Arm Candy

Right now I'm playing on the MBA Spouse Association intramural soccer team and loving it! Our team - MBA Arm Candy - is actually not that bad considering we have 27 kids between us (unfortunately I bring the average down a bit) and we're playing against sophomores :)

We won our first game (forfeit!) and tied our second 3-3 (I scored a goal). Tonight was our third game and we lost spectacularly 6-1. Overall we didn't play horribly, but couldn't seem to keep our hands down. 6 hand balls inside the box led to 6 penalty shots, which led to 5 goals for the other team and a loss for us :(

My photographer (Dave) was having some trouble with the action settings on the camera so we only have this "still life" photo from tonight's game. Hopefully we'll get some better shots on Thursday at my first flag football game!


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AmyH said...

i'm sooo jealous! I paid dues to LP's and they don't even have a soccer team:( If you need another player- I'm in