October 30, 2010

Howe Pumpkin 2010

Carving a pumpkin is one of my favorite parts of Halloween - I love to create my own designs! What I learned from this year's creation:

- Carving hair is the BIGGEST pain in the world, and consequently, toothpicks can be a life saver
- What takes 2 minutes to draw on paper can take 2 hours to carve into a pumpkin
- Once you finish and light the candles all the work was suddenly worth it.

Without further ado, I present the Howe pumpkin for 2010!

Dave with a ghost and spider (the 7th & 8th legs barely fit)

Mel with the moon and a cat



AmyH said...

Shock and awe- you are amazing! Head on over to naptime crafters- you 2 are making an appearance:)

Heather Curtis said...

You should have entered the contest- you definitely did not disappoint! You are absolutely amazing! It was good talking to you on the phone for a few minutes the other day. Happy Halloween!