October 15, 2010

At the Pumpkin Farm

I refuse to buy my pumpkin at the grocery store. Growing up we always went to a local pumpkin patch as a family, and it's a tradition I like to continue.

I had off work for Fall Break and Dave has no class on Friday so today we went down to Rowley's South Ridge Farm in Santaquin. We took a hay ride out to the field where I found this beauty!

My mom who was visiting this weekend also came along with my sister Amy and Anne. **In case you didn't notice, I am featured in this picture as the holder of Anne who did NOT want to stick her head through the hole :)

While at the farm we also did a little maze (I got out first!), sampled some fresh apple juice, and ate a delicious apple cinnamon donut.


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Heather Curtis said...

I went to a pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin the first time ever this year. It was great. I actually loved it and think it will have to become a family tradition in the future. After some intense searching and Korver tripping, we got a really cute one. We need to hang out sometime! Really! Over Christmas break for sure. And you really need to enter the pumpkin carving contest I found because you are amazing!