September 12, 2010

A Little on the Short Side

Last night Dave gave me a haircut. He's been my stylist for the past couple years and things generally work out ok, but this last cut was quite a bit shorter than I wanted. Dave blames it on bad scissors; I blame it on his misconception of how big an inch is. Whatever the reason, my hair is now about 4 inches shorter than it was the day before - oops.

There were also some issues with evenness that we didn't discover until about 10 minutes before Stake Conference. Everything looks good now, but I wasn't too sad that we had to sit in the back in the dark :)

Since I'm trying not to dwell on all the reasons I don't like my hair short, I've come up with a few good things about this new cut: it will take less shampoo to wash my hair, it will dry more quickly & be easier to straighten. All that means we will save money on shampoo and I can sleep in a bit in the morning!

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Heather Curtis said...

I pretty much use the same amount of shampoo no matter the haircut- I just squirt it on my hand and lather. So I admire your ability to save shampoo with this shorter haircut! :) What is your schedule like these days with the job that I secretly covet? We need to visit. Oh, and I have your side table.