August 22, 2010

Start of Something(s) New

Well, we're done with summer vacations and ready to start real life again. It was a busy, busy week for us!

Dave began MBA orientation on Tuesday and will be orienting himself until next week. He will officially start classes on the 30th. So far he's been busy getting to know tons of new people, meeting recruiters, tearing apart and reconstructing his resume, and studying more than I thought possible.

 Although Dave's younger than most people in the program, he's feeling pretty good because his job at CH Robinson gave him great experience in the field he is planning to emphasize in - the supply chain/operations track. He's already started exploring different careers in this field and started to compile a list of companies he'd like to intern with this summer. Exciting times ahead!

Dave's  "first day of school" picture - he needed a head shot for his profile, so that's what we got.


I also unexpectedly started something new this week - a job! One of the hardest parts about leaving WA was heading off to Utah without a plan for myself. Dave was leaving to go back to school, but I didn't really know what I was going to be doing for the next two years....

Turns out I didn't have to wonder for very long. On Monday night I was browsing Craigslist and saw an opening in the front office of an elementary school in Orem. I applied Tuesday morning, interviewed on Tuesday afternoon, went in for a second interview on Wednesday where I received a formal offer 10 minutes after getting home, and then started work on Thursday. Phew!

 This job is pretty much better than anything I could of hope for and here's why:
  • Location about 5 minutes from our apartment
  • Pay not what I was making before, but competitive by Provo standards
  • Hours - allow me to drop Dave off in the morning and pick him up from campus in the evening - he is thrilled to not have to walk both ways
  • Schedule I'll get the same holidays Dave has in the MBA program so we'll be able to enjoy our breaks together -  a long Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas, time off in the summer, etc...
  • Benefits included, no BYU student insurance
  • Responsibilities I really like the school and am going to enjoy working in the office!

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AmyH said...

Dave looks very professional in his suit!