August 18, 2010


After a week spent with the Howes, we were able to go on another trip with the Lamberts - what a treat to have such fun families!

This trip was a week long cruise to Mexico - we had four days at sea and three ports, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta.

On the Ship

Cruising is probably my favorite way to travel! I always love the days at port, but the days at sea are just as fun. There are so many things to do on board and it's great to have nothing but leisure time to spend with family.

One fun thing about our ship was the climbing wall. The lines would get ridiculously long later in the day, but if you went right when it opened in the morning no one was there. We took advantage of this and each climbed 3-4 routes every day. I love climbing because it's one of the few sports where being small and light isn't to your disadvantage and I am able to show up Dave :)

Another great part of a cruise is the food. I get so much enjoyment out of every meal, even breakfast. Knowing this, we made sure to spend some time each day in the fitness center. (Dave learned on his first cruise what no exercise and a plate of bacon a day can do to a body). In the fitness center there was a huge hot tub, the biggest I've ever seen. You could swim in it and it could easily hold 20 people, but was almost always empty. We took a dip at least 3 times a day.

Cabo San Lucas

Our first port was Cabo, which is very dry and desert-like - there were cool rock formations and the beaches were beautiful. We took a water taxi out to Lover's Beach where we explored a little cave and went swimming in the ocean.

One of the coolest things we saw here were stingrays that kept jumping straight out of the water, and then "belly flopping" on the surface. I'd never seen anything like it before!


This probably our craziest stop. We took a shuttle from the boat to the port, then a truck from the port to a dock, then a water taxi across the bay, then a truck from the dock to a beach. All this travel was meant to get us somewhere we could ride ATVs. Only probably was when we got to the beach, there were no ATVs in sight so we were starting to wonder if it would ever happen...

 Luckily Jeremy speaks Spanish and was able to keep tabs on our guide to make sure he didn't ditch us. While our guide went about negotiating, we decided we may as well swim and had a great time in the ocean for about an hour.

Finally our guide came back to announce that there were some ATVs ready and we got back in the truck and drove to another beach.

This was probably the highlight of our trip and we had a blast!

Puerto Vallarta

After our experience in Mazatlan, we decided to travel by foot in Puerto Vallarta. We found some awesome shopping and a great beach where we could relax and read. At this beach we also went parasailing! Dave and I had never been and both thought it was awesome - plus I had a perfect landing :)


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