July 4, 2010

Fourth of July - Northwest Style

There is a saying in the Northwest that summer doesn't start until after the Fourth of July. This year it proved to be true. Our Fourth was wet and cold, but that didn't deter us from celebrating!

My family has a tradition that every year we take our boat to the south end of Lake Sammamish where we tie up with some friends where fireworks are launched from a barge out on the water.

We almost decided to cancel this year due to bad weather, but decided that a little rain never hurt anyone.

Mom and I waiting on the dock in our coats and hats

Typical Dave - immune to cold and loving life in the backseat (Mom and I were up front out of the wind)

Enjoying the fireworks - one of my favorite parts about this show is the incredible reverberations you hear from the fireworks echoing off the surrounding hills

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