April 6, 2010

Visiting Grandma Lambert

Our flight home from Maui was supposed to have a one hour layover in San Jose. A month before the trip, however, we found out that the connection from San Jose to Seattle was canceled and we wouldn't be able to catch a flight home until the next day. Since my Lambert grandparents live nearby, we thought it would be fun to spend the night at their house and add a second "mini trip" to the end our Hawaii vacation.

We were able to play some games with my grandma, Dave made us bunny-shaped pancakes (we spent Easter on the plane), and then we picked some oranges from my grandma's yard to take home with us - mmmm!

We are pretending that Dave is making an "I love oranges so much that I am licking my lips" face - not closing his eyes and sticking out his tongue.

Love you grandma - thanks for having us!

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