March 22, 2010


During the winter months, we normally spend our weekends at the cabin. Due to the abundance of sunshine however, we decided to spend this last weekend at home.

It was a wonderful couple days in which we were able to do a lot of things we normally never get around to on the weekend. Here are the highlights:
  • Sat on the couch and read
  • Took Jobe on a walk down by the lake trail and discovered that he likes water and climbing on rocks, but does not like people on bikes

  • Shopped for groceries, cleaned the bathroom (including the shower!), changed the sheets, did the laundry, ironed, vacuumed the house, and cleaned out the linen closet - phew!
  • Watched my bracket get shot to pieces. I guess now I'm cheering for UW to go all the way - go Dawgs!

  • Giving Dave a much needed haircut in the front entryway salon and am proud to report that it took me less than 20 minutes this time! The very first time I cut his hair it took about an hour.
  • Played several games of Agricola - I won some and lost some
  • Watched Life - we were amazed at the lengths the little poison dart frog took to care for her babies, and we laughed our heads off when the pebble toad threw himself of the cliff to avoid the spider!

Hope your weekend was as good as ours!

*Pictures from and Discovery Channel webpage

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Aaron and Megan said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. I think that those weekends are good .... getting chores done!!