March 15, 2010

Good snow, bad cold

On Thursday we were blessed with snow storm that came out of nowhere! From our desks, Dave and I refreshed the resort website over and over to check the weather at the pass and snow accumulation - 17 inches! Not impressive compared to Utah, but pretty good by Washington standards!

We ran up to the mountains immediately after work to enjoy a night ski that my father described as "epic."

On Friday we drove up to the cabin once more, hoping to ski again the next day.

On Saturday I woke up and nudged Dave who just humphed at me and stayed buried in the covers. I left to eat breakfast and put my snow clothes on before trying to wake Dave again.

This time he sort of rumbled/growled at me, which I translated as "Sorry Mel, I can't make it today."

Sad to get sick on the one of the best ski days of the year... I would have felt sorry for him, but I was too busy having fun!

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