February 28, 2010

Oh Beautiful Day!

Fabulous skiing (& snowboarding) this weekend! Down low conditions weren't that great, but the upper chair broke through the cloud ceiling and we spent the rest of the day under clear, sunny skies.

Riding the chairlift with my dad - Dave was riding up with Derek a couple chairs behind. I love Dave because he can tackle a double black run, but still hasn't found a way to get off the chairlift gracefully :)

Dave has come along way with snowboarding since we first met and it's been so fun having this hobby to share.

I only wish I had gotten a picture of Dave after his spectacular face plant/head-first tumble... unfortunately he didn't want to sit on the hill with snow in every crevice while I dug the camera out of my pocket, Maybe next time!


AmyH said...

looks like so much fun! You got some great pictures! Dave really has gotten good- chair 2 is tough stuff. I hope Dad commented on the whoville trees and mountains:)

timandcindyhowe said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! I think I never dared to get up high enough to get that kind of a view.

Robert & Amber Salmon said...

I love the shadow picture. It makes me want to hang it on my wall.