February 8, 2010


On Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at Kneaders with my sisters Amy and Natalie. We all ordered the cinnamon french toast - delicious!

While this is not a flattering picture of either of us, there is a good story connected to this moment:

Earlier a piece of french toast fell off my fork onto the ground. I grabbed a napkin, swiped it up and left it on the table. When we were cleaning up to leave, I noticed the napkin with the floor-bite was empty. It was then I realized that Dave, having eaten all of his french toast, decided to use the floor-bite for the picture. Too bad no one told me. Does the 5 second rule apply to restaurant floors and food covered in syrup?



The Palmers said...

jealous!! i miss kneaders soo much. and yes, the 5 sec. rule is totally legit.

timandcindyhowe said...

I've got to work pretty hard to catch you in popularity, even if you weren't able to be here. I'm pretty sure you're still the favorite aunt, especially when they consider Liz their cousin.

Alyssa H said...

Dave looks like he's seen a ghost in that picture!

Alyssa H said...

Tim, Cindy you know I am kidding about Liz being our cousin.