February 21, 2010

As I write this, it's almost 60 degrees outside...

Dave and I would like to file a complaint. The weather this winter has been too nice. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I am not sure how to cope with these warm sunny days... Where is the cold? Where is the moisture? Apparently Tim and Cindy stole it when they moved down to Texas :)

As season pass holders, Dave and I are anxiously waiting for temperatures to drop and the clouds to roll in. The mountains are a little too bare for our liking. Nightly blizzards would be awesome. Snow just once a week would be good too, especially on Friday nights, but we won't be picky...

In the mean time, you'll find us on the mountain each weekend (cause we've already paid for it!) sun, rain or snow. Hopefully next week will be the latter.

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timandcindyhowe said...

The pictures you snap of you two are always so centered...I'm impressed with your skills. I never cease to chop off at least one eye, sometimes the whole head.
As for us stealing all your snow- everyone freaked out today about the big snow storm that was supposed to blow in...and I think I saw 12 flurries and that's being generous, so I think you've still got us beat. I'm so jealous of you skiing though. WE never did make it to go with you guys.
Congrats to you both in your new news with Daves schooling. Awesome!