January 28, 2010

Welcome to Washington Stanley!

Last week Flat Stanley was here visiting from my niece in Texas.

The day Stanley arrived it was pouring rain. The first thing I did was had him laminated so he wouldn't disintegrate the moment we stepped outside. Once he was waterproof, we set off to visit the Space Needle. With his lack of suntan and North Face fleece, Stanley practically looked like a local.

Later in the week the weather cleared up so I took Stanley down to the waterfront. We watched cars unload from an arriving ferry, chased some seagulls, and strolled in and out of shops. While we were exploring, I found a bunch of picnic tables at the end of pier 56. I am really looking forward to warmer weather so I can enjoy my lunch hour down on the water with a good book!

On our way home we stopped at Pike Place Market to look at the vendor booths, and we bought some kumquats (I love to say that word) and honey straws.

Over the weekend, we brought Stanley with us to the cabin for a ski trip. Most of the time he was squished upside-down in my pocket, but he was able to get out for a couple pictures by the chairlift and in front of the lodge.

I had a lot of fun seeing the sights and getting reacquainted with my own city - thanks for sending Flat Stanley to us Ally (& HAPPY BIRTHDAY)!!


Aaron and Megan said...

That is such a cute idea! I loved looking at all the pics with Flat Stanley ... where did you come up with the idea?
Also ... just thought I'd say hi! I found your blog off of Amy's blog. ;-)

AmyH said...

Is Stanley wearing goggles in that last picture? It looks like he had a fun week! I wish I could mail myself to Seattle for a visit- much cheaper than a plane ticket:)

Ryan and Brittany said...

Mel!! You guys look like you have so much fun... I need to try to be more adventurous. Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope everything goes well for you and your husband and my prayers are with you!