January 4, 2010

Sweet smell of victory

Last night Dave and I were glued to the TV, watching the Sunday night football matchup between the Jets and the Bengals. Although the Jets won 37-0, it was actually one of the most intense games we've watched all year...

As a special treat last fall, Dave and I agreed we could each spend $50 on whatever we wanted. The only stipulation was we couldn't complain, nag, etc... about how the other person spent their money (this rule was mostly invented for me).

I got some clothes; Dave bought his way into the office Fantasy Football league. Based on past performance I thought this was going to be money down the drain, but I did my best to hold my tongue in accordance with the rule.

Dave's team, the "Sea Cows" got off to a rough start, but soon turned around and stormed their way to the top seed in the playoffs. Last night was the championship game. The Sea Cows were down by 7 with only the Jets defense left to play. The Jets have done us good all year, but every Cincinnati score againts New York's defense would take points away from the Sea Cows.

Well, the Jets held them scoreless, and the Sea Cows sailed on to victory. First place out of 12 teams - yeah Dave! I hope you'll let me help spend the prize money :)

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AmyH said...

That has to be the fiercest looking mascot I've ever seen:)