January 18, 2010

Looking for a date idea?

Today the weather in Seattle is absolutely beautiful. During my lunch I went down to the waterfront to take a walk. At the pier by the aquarium I saw this sign:


I didn't even know there was such a thing! If only Dave and I had known it was happening this past weekend... Actually, you couldn't pay me a million dollars to do this. I like diving, but I would never want see what lives at the bottom of the Puget Sound.

In case you're wondering (like I was) what an"octopus census" entails, here's what get's recorded on the official Giant Pacific Octopus Census Data Sheets:
  • Location of the dive site
  • Depth of the dive
  • Den type
  • General size of the octopus
  • How many octopi were seen
  • Was the octopus sitting on eggs (I am wondering how on earth you check this - poke it with a stick??)
Good stuff!


Amy and Jeremy said...

Things like this make me realize how much I miss Seattle:)

timandcindyhowe said...

I didn't know octopi sat on eggs! I didn't even know octopi was a word. What an educational date.

Mom Howe read us part of your email to us about your Agricola analogy and how you need to gather wood and build an extra room...hehe. I love it. I'm sure the 5th round is coming very soon for you :)