December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas from TEXAS!

This year we did Christmas in Texas to spend time with the Howe family! Here are some brief highlights of what we managed to cram into our quick vacation:

For some reason our gate (and only our gate) was decorated like a castle, complete with a knight in shining armor.

Life Lesson #58: Do not fall asleep while doing a sudoku puzzle on your tray table - it may transfer to your forehead :)

We ate - A LOT. Dave got a "birthday pickle" from his brother Tim that was probably the size of my forearm.

Ally and Jack (niece and nephew) introduced me to the world's yummiest chocolate chip cookies at Potbellys. We had fun eating together, and I'll admit that I may have been the one who told Jack to put ice down Bill's shirt :)

We saw a couple movies - Avatar in 3D and Sherlock Holmes. Dave and I were both amazed by how "real" Avatar's graphics were. We loved it and definitely recommend to others!

We were suprised by a White Christmas! On Wednesday it was sunny with temps in the 70s - I wore shorts and we played a game of tennis with Tim and Cindy. The next day was cold and when we came out of whirlyball, flakes were falling. By Christmas morning there was at least an inch on the ground!

We reconnected with friends - gosh we miss living near you guys!

It was really fun to see everyone and we hope to make a trip back soon. We love and miss you Howes!

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timandcindyhowe said...

I'm glad it was the year for Christmas in Texas. We're going to miss seeing you guys! Your sudoku forehead cracks me up. Whoops! We're perfecting our Agricola game so we'll definitely need a rematch next time. Hope you have fun plans tonight. Happy New Year!