December 5, 2009

Joy to the World!

I finally finished! Actually I finished a couple weeks ago, and good thing too, or there would have been no place to eat Thanksgiving dinner at the cabin :)

This is probably the hardest puzzle I own. You may be thinking, "The hardest? That doesn't look too bad." Don't be deceived. The continents aren't that bad, but the oceans are a BEAST. This puzzle is a photomosiac, so each piece has 3-4 teeny tiny pictures on it. Thus, to put together the big blue mass, you have pick up a piece that has has a picture of a woman in a chaise lounge or an eagle or a white boat, seach the box to find that one little picture, and then put the piece on the table approximately where it is supposed to go. Evetually the pieces start to hook together. It is as painstaking as it sounds, but well worth it in the end.

Behold my pride and joy!


AmyH said...

I remember this one! I'm glad I wasn't around:) Pick an easier one for Christmas please!

The Palmers said...

holy COW! who was thinking, "that doesn't look so bad"????? haha it looks ridiculous. congrats!