December 8, 2009

Christmas Date

Last night Dave and I enjoyed some FREE holiday entertainment!

First stop was the Ice Arena in Bellevue. Normally skating and rentals would be $10/person, but thanks to Bank of America,we went for free! Our skating skills are pretty pathetic, and it took a couple laps before we felt confident enoughto leave the wall. Soon we were dodging children, having gliding contests, and pulling each other around the rink. Best part of the evening - no one fell down!

This isn't the best shot of us, but we were lucky to get a picture at all - it was FREEZING and the camera was not cooperating. We would turn it on, immediately press the button, and just hope it would have enough juice to take a picture. Brrrr!

Next we drove to the Garden d'Lights, also in Bellevue. This attraction is apparently a very popular destination for little kids and old people. The light displays were pretty amamzing and we had a great time looking around.

We are standing right in front of a "grape vineyard" in this picture

The lady at the information desk told us that this tree has 12,500 lights and took 350 hours to put together - WOW!!

To wrap up our evening, we stopped at Best Buy on the way home to look at laptops (mine broke) and cameras. It was supposed to be an in-and-out trip, but we spent almost an hour in there! Who knew taking picture of each other with the display cameras could be so fun??

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Not sure said...

Wow, that looks so pretty. That would be fun to go to. You look a lot like your mom in the last picture by the tree. You must be related. :) Can't wait till Christmas!