November 30, 2009

Two Left Feet

We spent our Thanksgiving break up at the cabin, so we went to "mountain church" (the Mt. Si Ward) on Sunday. About 10 minutes before we had to leave for church, I realized that in my haste to pack and start our mini-vacation I had grabbed two left shoes from my closet...

I am a horrible dancer, but since I don't actually have two left feet this was a bit of a problem. I searched the cabin to see if I could find any alternative footwear. These were my options:
  • My old gray tennis shoes
  • Snow boots
  • Hiking shoes
  • White sheepskin slippers
  • Fluffy blue slippers with clouds on them
  • My dad's flip flops
While the slippers would have been very comfy, I decided to go with the tennis shoes. Dave said I reminded him of Pam from The Office - wearing sneakers with my dress :) 

I supposed I could have forgetten something much worse, like my dress, but I was still pretty self-conscious the whole meeting. I made Dave go in through the back entrance, we sat on the last row of the overflow, and I strategicially placed my purse in front of my feet. Next Sunday I will be very thankful for my regular church shoes!


AmyH said...

This happened to me in Baker last year- actually I just forgot my shoes completely. I had to wear a pair that was 4 sizes too big- it involved a lot of shuffling...

Spencer and Erin said...

Hi Melanie! It's Erin Cozean! How are you? You and your husband are so cute! And I am jealous you are back living in Seattle!!