November 15, 2009

Snow Shoeing

On Friday, 10 inches of light and fluffy snow fell in Snoqualmie Pass. It was enough for Summit West (the ski hill right by our cabin) to open a couple chairlifts so people could enjoy a few runs. I wasn't able to hit the slopes, but I did strap on some snow shoes!

My mom, dad, brother, and I enjoyed a hike through the beautiful snow-covered forest:

Me and my mom in our matching black outfits, Norwegian hats, and snowshoes:

Plus, no winter recreation outfit is complete without colorful knee-high socks!

But where was Dave during all of this?

On Saturday he played NINE GAMES of flag football - three in the morning (Korean church league team) and six in the evening (regional single's ward tournment held at UW Stadium). When he finally crawled into bed around 11pm, he was out before I could say "good night."

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AmyH said...

I have teal knee socks- those are hard to beat! Maybe when I come for Christmas I'll snowshoe around the block- I think that's as far as I'll make it:)