November 28, 2009

The Ornament Collection

One Christmas as we were decorating our family tree, I noticed I had a few ornaments with a similar theme - Santa on a bear, Santa on a goose, and Santa on a salmon. Then when my family went to Gatorland in Florida several years ago, I saw a "Santa on an alligator" ornament in the gift shop and decided to buy it with my souvenir money. That was the beginning of my collection.

In more recent years I have added Santa on a dolphin and a turtle (Hawaii), Santa on a polar bear (Alaska), and Santa on a marlin (North Carolina).

Now everytime I'm in a store I look at the ornaments to see if I can add to my collection. Hard as I've tried, though, I haven't been able to find anything this year... if you see something I don't have, let me know!!


AmyH said...

Good News- you can buy Santa on a flamingo or a John Deere tractor online:)

Melanie Howe said...

Ooo! Where did you find Santa on flamingo? That could definitely be an option.