November 18, 2009

Mini Pizzas!

Once upon a time Dave and I were up at the cabin. I had packed some cheese and pepperoni slices, and for dinner we were going to make a pizza with the Boboli crust that was in the fridge. Only it turns out there was no crust in the fridge, and I had no back-up plans for dinner...

After scrounging around a bit, I found a sleeve of English muffins and said to Dave, "Would this work??"

And so mini pizzas were born!

We thought we were geniuses for coming up with such a good idea. However, when we told other people about our invention they were like, "Haven't you ever heard of that before? Everybody knows about those!"

But if everybody knows about these, then why don't they make them more often?? They are seriously the easiest dinner ever and taste delicious! Mini pizzas instantly became a favorite dinner of ours and now we make them once a week.

So incase you are like us and haven't discovered this pizza secret, I'm here to spread the word - now you know!

  1. Preheat oven to 425 and grease a cookie sheet
  2. Slice English muffins in half and spread out on tray
  3. Spoon on sauce, sprinkle on cheese (we use mozerlla and cheddar), and place toppings (use whatever you want - we're boring and like simplicity so we just stick with pepperoni)
  4. After baking for 5-7 minutes, switch to broil and cook until the cheese starts to bubble
  5. Remove and enjoy!


Not sure said...

Very nice, i will have to try it sometime. HAPPY BIRTHDAY btw, hope you are having fun today!

AmyH said...

We just had these for dinner- YUMMM