November 24, 2009

Howe Exercise Regime

Dave and I are not known for our committment to exercise. We aren't sedentary lazy bums, but you certainly won't find us at the gym or jogging through the neighborhood on a regular basis... We just don't like to exercise for the sake of exercising, so for us it's best if the workout is disguised as part of some other (more fun) activity.

Here is what we did this weekend:

1. Dave played three 30-minute games of flag football on Saturday morning.

2. Both of us participated in the orienteering event at Magnuson Park in Seattle. This course had double the number of controls and was significantly longer than our first attempt at Lake Sammamish State Park. The map said our course was 4.1km, but that was if you stayed on target... I'm pretty sure we covered at least 5km when you include all our detours. As you can see, we spent a good amout of time searching for the 6th marker:

Part of the reason we had a hard time finding control #6 was because we couldn't even find where we were in the park. We were lost in some very marshy land surrounded by little ponds and ducks. After running aimlessly for several minutes, we finally popped out by a road and right in front of us was marker #7! It wasn't the one we were looking for, but at lease we knew where we were! Looking back, we now realize why we couldn't for the life of us find our position on the map - our position was not on the map - we were out of bounds, a good 800 ft off course...

We did finish in under an hour though, which was our goal, so I was very happy. Next time I think we'll aim to complete in 50 minutes or less!

3. We moved all the Christmas boxes and the giant Christmas tree (it's fake) from the crawl space of my parent's house to the entry way.

4. I donned a snow suit to shovel 8 inches of snow off the driveway at the cabin. Trust me - you'll work up a good sweat doing this!

5. And finally the most taxing thing we did - run a gazillion errands amidst the crowd of holiday shoppers out on the last Saturday morning before Thanksgiving!

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