November 7, 2009

Finding Our True North!

Today Dave and I completed our first orienteering course!  

We were introduced to orienteering by Dave's brother Tim. When we showed up at the park, we almost left before we even got started - it was pouring and the big crowd of people milling all over the place was a little daunting. Luckily Tim caught us on our way out. He showed us where to register, how to get a map & flash drive tracker, and helped us choose a course to run. Since we were beginners, we elected to try the short course with the fewest markers.

Now we were ready to set off! After dashing through the starting gate however, we made it only a few hundered feet before stopping to stare at each other with "what on earth do we do now??" looks. Neither of us had ever done this before and we realized that we had no clue what to do next.

Taking refuge under a tree, I got out our map to figure out where we were and where we were supposed to be going. Soon we were off - running through the downpour and gigantic puddles towards station 1. We got DRENCHED. Our shoes were sloshing and by the time found the 7 stations and crossed the finish line, every layer of clothing was soaked - yes, even our underwear.

Despite this, we had a BLAST - it was a ton of fun, we got good exercise, and orienteering wasn't nearly as nerdy as we thought it would be. We can't wait to try a longer course at the next event in a couple weeks!!

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