November 12, 2009

The danger of blue bathrobes

Dave has a bathrobe - it is big, blue, furry and looks something like this:

When I did laundry earlier this week, I learned that in addition to being warm and wonderful, this bathrobe can also be a menace.

Normally I wash the bathrobe by itself, but apparently I wasn't thinking and threw it in with everything else. As a result, Dave and I are now suffering from an acute case of fuzzitis - a non-fatal, although embarrassing, condition in which little tufts of blue fluff can be found on your person. The symptoms first appeared on our clothes and have since spread to the carpet, couch, and bed.

Dave's comment on the situation: "It looks like Cookie Monster was wearing my underwear."

I guess it's time to break out the lint roller!

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Jane Anne said...

Mel! How are you. My blog is going private and I need your email! Love ya!