November 3, 2009

Can you KENKEN?

I used to like Sudoku puzzles, but then I discovered KenKens. Dave says that they hurt his brain, but I LOVE them! If you've ever had fun doing a Sudoku, then you really should give KenKens a try!

Rules for playing KenKen:
  1. Fill in each box with a number - which numbers you use depends on the grid size. If the grid is 4x4, then you use the numbers 1-4. If the grid is 7x7, then you use the numbers 1-7.
  2. Do not repeat a number in any row or column.
  3. The numbers in each heavily outlined set of of squares, called cages, must combine (in any order) to produce the target number in the top corner, using the mathmatical operation indicated. For example: if the symbol at the top of a cage was 3- and you had a 6x6 grid, then possible numbers for that cage are 6-3, 5-2, or 4-1.
  4. Until you know what the numbers are, it helps to write down possible options in the bottom of the squares or in the margins.  
The most basic puzzles are the 4x4 grids. Here is how you would solve this one:

Want to give your brain some exercise today? Try this 5x5 puzzle:

If you thought that was a cinch and want a challenge, more KenKens that are updated daily can be found here. The 7x7 for today was a doozy!


The Palmers said...

Of course I had to check what facebook meant by "website update" and you have a blog! fantastic. I don't think I convinced Bri yet, but ours is Good to see what y'all are up to!

AmyH said...

I did the 4x4! Just call me genius:) I think I'll leave the 7x7up to you

Anonymous said...

Interesting !
But if you still like classic sudoku puzzles, you can visit

Amy Howe said...

I can't do more than 4x4. I know, pathetic. Someday, I will be a KenKen master like you! *bow* hehe