November 1, 2009

Bring out the big guns!

On Saturday we went to the shooting range with my dad and brother. I had only shot a gun once in my life before this and was really looking forward to doing it again! After the standard safety lesson, we took some shots at a target grid to get used to the guns.

 Next we moved to one of the skeet & trap fields to shoot some clay pigeons. My dad and Dave did awesome, but I didn't get off to the best start... 

Things finally started clicking when we moved over to the 5-stand. I hit seven in a row and was really stoked about it!

At the 5-stand, the pigeons were launched from several different stations. Dave and I were both able to hit a report pair (two pigeons fired from different stations in succession) and a true pair (two pigeons fired from different stations at the same time). Go us!!

We both had an AWESOME time and would love to go back and do it again!!

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Becca said...

Hey Melanie! Ryan & I stumbled across your blog, and we're so glad we did. You're such an avid blogger and we love what you have to say. Looks like you and Dave are doing just great!