November 8, 2009

100% All Natural

I don't normally go for organic stuff, but there is one food I make an exception for - SNOW CONES!

This tasty treat--the first of the season--was made with 100% all natural snow, freshly gathered from the back balcony. No presevatives. No hormones. No pesticides. The lime and cherry syrups, on the other hand, are probably 100% artificial flavors and colors which would negate the "organic" label. Oh well... :)

Looking out at the cabin across the street - I was so excited because it snowed the whole time we were up in the mountains. It really felt like Christmas was just around the corner!

Stay warm everyone!

1 comment:

Not sure said...

Wow! That will be so pretty. Good times with the snow cones. That place looks familiar, or maybe I am imagining things. Where is that?