October 19, 2009

"You sound chipper today"

I like to go out during my lunch breaks. Where I go normally depends on what the weather is like:

If it's nice, I read outside, walk up town to the shopping district, visit Pike Place Market, see if I can find any good DVDs to check out at the library, or just wander around to get some exercise.

If the weather is foul, I don't like to go far but still want a change of scenery, so on these days I venture across the street to one of the adjacent buildings. The 1001 Fourth Avenue Plaza has good lighting, nice flower displays, an ATM for my bank and a mini post office. The Fourth and Madison Building lobby has little tables to eat lunch at, really comfy armchairs and a player piano.

Today was nice so I decided to walk around a little and do some shopping. I normally grab a bunch of stuff to take to the dressing room, including things I have no intention of buying, because I like to try stuff on. For fun, I tried on a shirt that was very un-mel-ish (meaning it had some ruffles). To my surprise, I actually kind of liked it, so I bought it! I figure I can always return it if I change my mind.

After that, I stopped at my new favorite place - a snack stand at the corner of 3rd and Pike. I bought the $1.50 popcorn/drink combo. Who doesn't love popcorn for lunch? When I paid the vendor he said, "You sound chipper today." And I was like, "I guess I am - it's just a good day." 

Why is it a good day? There are several reasons, but here are a few:
  1. It's not raining right now
  2. I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend
  3. My ironing pile relatively small
  4. My fridge and pantry are fully stocked
  5. Dave and I went to bed early last night
  6. I was productive at work this morning
  7. All the leaves changing color are beautiful
  8. I am healthy (knock on wood)
  9. I know what I am making for dinner tonight, tomorrow, and the next day
  10. I am loved and in love!
Have a great day everyone!!

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