October 1, 2009

Those who work the front desk shouldn't play with knives...

I bought my brother a knife off eBay for his birthday. Because the mail going to our house can be a bit slow (the landlord tends to let it accumulate before handing it off to us), I had the knife shipped to the office instead. The package arrived today, and I brought it with me back to my desk. Wanting to examine the quality of my purchase, I decided to flip the blade open real quick to check things out.

Knives and I don't really get along. The last knife I "played" with was similar to this one. It was my dad's knife and the release button was pretty hard to push. When I finally applied enough pressure the blade flipped open and sliced a hole in my mom's new tablecloth... oops.

This time I tried to be more careful. The knife opened fine - no blood, no gouging of office supplies. But then I ran into a problem. I couldn't get the knife to close. I tried pushing buttons, flipping the safety cover, jiggling things, pressing on it real hard - nothing worked.

This is when I realized that it probably wasn't a good idea to brandish a 9" knife in the reception area of a corporate office. Employees are walking by all the time, guests come to check in with me, and there is a security camera right above my desk. I began looking around for a place to hide something long and sharp incase I needed to stash the knife quickly.

Not knowing what to do, I sent Dave an email to tell him I had a PROBLEM. He called me back and in hushed tones tried to walk me through things over the phone:

"Ok. From what I've seen there are pretty much two different ways to close a knife." I'm listening.
"Is there a release on the end of the handle?" Nope.
"Is there something inside the cavity where the blade comes out?" Not that I can see.
"Are you sure? Sometimes there is a lever you push so the knife can collapse." I see something, but I already tried pushing on it and nothing happened.
"Try sliding it to the side." Oh! It worked! You're a genius!

Thank goodness for husbands. I am now a wiser woman, and I still have 10 fingers :)

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AmyH said...

D will be quite frightening if he uses both of our presents at the same time! A knife brandishing snuggie man!I would run...