October 21, 2009

A lesson in punctuality

This was almost me this morning:

My previous bus driver always ran ahead of schedule. I made sure I was always at my stop a few minutes early. Things worked well.

My current bus driver always runs behind schedule - always. I still try to be at my stop a couple minutes early, but sometimes it's easy to get a little lax... every minute spent at home is a minute less out in the cold and the wet.

I guess I had slowly been leaving later and later, but there weren't really any consequences until today. This morning a substitute was covering the route for my driver. This guy shows up on time - I did not leave my house on time.

There was a wonderful moment of panic when I turned out of our neighborhood to start walking up the road and saw that the bus had already passed my stop and was cruising towards me. If I miss my bus another one doesn't come along the plateau for 30 minutes, which would definitely make me late for work.

Thank you bus driver for seeing me frantically wave my arms at you. Thank you for pulling over in a spot you probably weren't supposed to stop to let me on.

Lesson learned!

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