September 25, 2009

Not cribbage

We love games. Board games, card games, long games, quick games, kid games, strategy games, etc... We have an entire shelf in our house devoted to games, so the question "what do you want to play tonight?" could be difficult to answer.

Not for Dave! Rather than run through all the choices to select a game he's in the mood for, Dave has found that it's easier to thrust the options aside and alwasy choose the same one - cribbage.

(You know those boards with little pegs that look like a race track? That's cribbage)

I love cribbage too. I grew up playing this game with my family - my grandparents taught me how to play and when I met Dave I taught him. If I had to choose only one game to play for the rest of my life this wouldn't be a bad option, but since there are so many other choices...

Knowing Dave, however, this probably just a clever way of making me choose the game. Some nights I agree to one more race around the track, but for the most part I have learned to ask, "Which not cribbage game do you want to play tonight?"

So far it seems to be working.


Timothy H said...

I don't see Howeman in there. But it could just be hidden behind the dusty Risk I see in there.

Melanie Howe said...

Actually that Risk can't get too dusty because it's still in the plastic wrap! For the most part the more we like the game, the higher its shelf position. Risk and Monopoly definitely get bottom billing.

Alyssa H said...

I've heard of cribbage before .But i've never played. How is it done?